A Second Chance
I was born into a large Italian family and grew up in Grandma’s kitchen and Grandpa’s Butcher shop. At the early age of seven, it was customary to be a fixture in the kitchen, always helping and absorbing whatever I could from my grandparents. Those moments set me on the path to where I am today. Working with my Grandfather in his butcher shop inspired a fascination with knife skills, watching wide eyed as he worked his craft was a joy. I reaped the benefits of our time together and learned firsthand how those skills translated into the kitchen. This made me even more appealing to be Grandma’s apprentice back home. A chef’s life has always been a comfortable fit, it feels natural, the way it is supposed to be and seems almost effortless to me.

I am well versed in the traditional European cuisines. Outside of my father’s Italian restaurant in New York City, the first restaurant I worked in was a Belgian Crepe House, also in New York City. This restaurant offered numerous entrees from all over the world.

On February 21, 2014 I had sudden cardiac arrest for 8 minutes. I had no heartbeat, I was in a coma for 3 days and was given a 3 percent chance of living. I knew that I was given a 2nd chance when I came through and woke up on my daughter's 12th birthday. After 20 years of yo-yo dieting I finally woke up and decided to change my lifestyle.

During those time periods before I died I lost between 40 and 80 pounds 7 times. I decided no more yo-yo dieting. I needed to take on a completely different lifestyle to take care of my body. Now I count all my calories and I work out everyday. God gave me a second chance which most people don't get. I appreciate that everyday as I continue to live my life.

As a chef I appreciate great food. I don't believe food needs to be deep fried in order to taste good. As I evolved my lifestyle includes all proteins, all vegetables; but I do limit carbs to healthy carbs. I have expertise in planning new diets or shall we say lifestyle changes. I do healthy cooking classes, themed cooking classes, bridal party cooking classes, wine tasting cooking classes and of course I do backyard BBQs, graduations, birthdays and any other type of party.

If you need a chef for any occasion, please give us a call to discuss what we can do to bring your party or event to the next level.

- Chef Joe Alonzo

ServSafe Certified
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