Chef Joe Alonzo
I was born into a large Italian family and grew up in Grandma’s kitchen and Grandpa’s Butcher shop. At the early age of seven, it was customary to be a fixture in the kitchen, always helping and absorbing whatever I could from my grandparents. Those moments set me on the path to where I am today. Working with my Grandfather in his butcher shop inspired a fascination with knife skills, watching wide eyed as he worked his craft was a joy. I reaped the benefits of our time together and learned firsthand how those skills translated into the kitchen. This made me even more appealing to be Grandma’s apprentice back home. A chef’s life has always been a comfortable fit, it feels natural, the way it is supposed to be and seems almost effortless to me.

I am well versed in the traditional European cuisines. Outside of my father’s Italian restaurant in New York City, the first restaurant I worked in was a Belgian Crepe House, also in New York City. This restaurant offered numerous entrees from all over the world.

As the Execuitive Chef and Director of Dining Services at Harrogate, a continuing care retirement community, I have extensive experience preparing keto-friendly, vegan, gluten free and low fat diets.

- Chef Joe Alonzo
ServSafe Certified
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